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I know it has been quiet here. I’m keeping material in the editing box because I’d like to tease some of my work into essays, and put the essays into a book. A book like…three children and a year in Boston. Something of an ode to the city, children, a journal of seasons in Boston, mentions of good food and long baths. Baby’s first year–the brand newness of life with an infant–but also that soft repetitive joy and heartache of older children.

What I write becomes so much better and richer if I edit it and return to it. I still enjoy this space so much, I’m not abandoning it! But at this stage, it feels like it’s worth a try. I have so many thoughts scribbled in my notebook, written in fury, or contentment, or frustration, or delight. It will be satisfying to coach them into something.

If I could combine some of my heroes, and their sentences that warm me up no matter what–the writing would be like Nicholson Baker, Nigel Slater, Lauren Winner, and Catherine NewmanTrue, imaginative, buoyant, refreshing are the words I’d love to evoke.

If things occur to you that you hope I write about–I often have that moment with other writers, oh I hope she talks about this–email me please! Readers really have a sense for these things.


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  1. I have long enjoyed your observations (but never commented!). You have such a talent for noticing the little things. And while I don’t have children, I have always felt that what you wrote was so relatable and interesting. I think it’s because you write with a sense of wonder and humility. I love your ideas for the book so far, but of course will miss reading your thoughts here. Best of luck with this endeavor!

  2. I just discovered you and selfishly – I am sad that you may stop blogging so frequently. I promise that in the past week or so, I have been reading every post, in reverse chronological order. That sounds a bit creepy but, it’s not meant to be – the tone and rhythm of your prose has been keeping me sane in a crazy world. I do wish you the best of luck!

  3. Yesssssss, I would buy your book in a heartbeat. Consider this constant and everlasting encouragement for this goal.
    Also loving your weekly photos so very much.

  4. I always love to read about the day to day stuff being at home with small children. How at-home parents can structure their days and both motivate themselves to get out and have adventures but not go crazy and over schedule the lives of toddlers/tired moms.

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