My daily tote

I bring you: my daily diaper bag! It has been this, with very little variation, for forever. I don’t carry a purse in addition to this…I guess I am a minimalist. I don’t plan for contingencies or emergencies. If they happen, I rely on the goodness of God and strangers or MacGyvering things.

For better or worse, I don’t carry lipgloss or perfume…though I sometimes aspire to be that kind of woman. Before Joan, this would have included reading material; I think it will again once she can walk on her own…pretty please.


Diapers & wipes: two dipes for Joan, one for Lux.

Changing pad: I zipped this off of the Skip Hop pronto (best gift for new moms, by the way) back when Lux was young. Haven’t looked back.

Chocolate Date Coconut larabar: both Lux and I will accept and be satiated by this delicious creation in any circumstance.

Apple: now accepted by all three of us as a nice snack. Easily shared.

Bubbles, silly putty, crayons, rings: Entertainment for constrictive spaces like restaurant tables, or stalling at the park for awhile.

Lunchskin: dishwasher safe and reusable! Usually packed with nuts, dried fruit, and crackers.

Hats: late winter-spring weather fluctuates so much! Hats can fix almost any Mom-miscalculation. These will soon be replaced by sunscreen and sun hats.

Baby Baggu: such a great brand. Love them.

4 thoughts on “My daily tote

  1. I need to get one of those lunchskin pouches! I hate using ziplock bags… and the reusables look so cute!

  2. I always love when people post contents of their bag for some reason! This is almost identical to what’s in my bag, down to the same pattern bagu 🙂 Although I keep our crayons in an old mint tin, that way they never get crushed in the bottom! And being in Santa Barbara it’s always sun hats and sunscreen.

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