The 52 Project


One of my favorite blogs on the internet, Che & Fidel (newly named Practising Simplicity) has done a project for the last two years wherein she posts a photo of each of her children every week. I’ve watched as her photography has become better, and eagerly tracked her two children’s growth and change. I’ve admired how she’s coordinated color and captured light. I’ve been inspired by how a week’s worth of development was mulled over and enjoyed.

At the encouragement of my friend Anna, I’m going to take an ambitious leap and attempt the same project this year. I hope to use my real camera most of the time, but I imagine many of them will be iPhone photos, like todays.


Joan: A week short of six month’s old and striving forĀ so much. Batting my water glass out of my hand, crying when I won’t give her my magazine to chew on, lunging for Lux’s toys, is it possible all her teeth are coming in at once? She’s a baby who believes she’s a child.


Lux: Repeating “what you say, Mama?” is how she learns a new word. In the morning we tell stories about what happened yesterday, in the afternoon we tell stories about the morning. This is how the world falls into place for her.






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