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Sling Diares: inspiration

IMG_0106 IMG_0132 IMG_0191IMG_0248on_the_phoneIMG_0174IMG_0280I returned from visiting another city inspired to rediscover my own. That was the most unexpected element of our trip, the way I came back ready to see Boston as I had seen Rome. What are the old habits you find yourself in, that you haven’t even noticed? The cafe you always go to, the cafe you never go to? The part of town you haven’t visited in years. That park you’ve heard is beautiful, but it never quite works out to visit. If you were visiting your city for the first time, what do you think you would fall in love with first?

Carrying a toddler can have a similar effect. We talk about ducks, and suddenly she’s pointing out that ducks are everywhere, in fact there are flyers for a duck parade in every window on our street. When I’m pushing her in a stroller, we have a bit of separate experience—she’s chatting away while I’m eyeing street signs, curb ledges, the uneven sidewalks that are coming up next. But slung up next to me, we share the moments as they pass. And why not stop to watch the bikers ride by, their wheels skimming over the pavement with such precision? Why not closely examine the flower buds as they open just a little bit more each day? Why not head in a new direction for the morning, the day unplanned but certain to be filled with something new?


This is my first post for the Sakura Bloom sling diaries. Lux is slung in the simple silk sling in amber made by sakura bloom. There are thirteen other moms with babes of all ages participating, what a treat to take part!


  • Erin

    These photos evoke the same feelings of wanderlust and romanticism produced by a really nice catalogue. The best part is that, unlike a photo shoot of double-sided-taped dresses and likely unwearable shoes, these images are real—which is truly inspiring.

    The sling sounds like it’s just as practical as it is elegant. And, in the best way possible, I’m reminds me of Maggie Gyllenhaal’s stroller-hating character in Away We Go crying, “I LOVE my babies. Why would I want to PUSH them away from me?!”

    • Rachael Ringenberg

      Haha, I used to think of that character all the time! So easy to laugh at, and yet you find yourself relating to her….? I need to watch those clips again.
      And: thank you! You write the best compliments.

  • bridget

    sling diaries in rome? YES. i like what you said. about the separate conversations until she’s right up next to you. she looks awfully cozy in that sling.

  • Christine

    I’m so surprised she lets you carry her that way! My 2yo is entirely over the sling. I’m jealous.Of both that and the whole Rome thing. Such lovely pictures.

    • Rachael

      Maybe it’s the novelty of it? I haven’t really carried her since around 1 year. And, bizarre as it is, I think she asks to be carried more now that I’m pregnant, than before! (or maybe we just leave the house without a stroller more.)

    • Rachael Ringenberg

      Maybe it’s the novelty of it? I haven’t really baby-carried her since she was around 1 yr. And, crazily enough, it seems like she is more into me carrying her now that I’m pregnant!

  • lindsey frances

    Have you guys ever come out to Jamaica Plain? I live in Boston via Jamaica Plain, pretty much in love with the neighborhood, so just wanted to share in case you haven’t explored this corner of the city. A picnic on Jamaica Pond with provisions from City Feed is the best. Love your blog, btw.

    • Rachael

      We’ve been there just the littest bit (in fact we are usually there on Mother’s Day for the lilacs!). Thanks for mentioning it, we do need to get over there more. And would you believe–I haven’t been to City Feed before!

    • Rachael Ringenberg

      Just the littest bit, but we love it out there! In fact, we are usually there for Mother’s Day to see the lilacs. I haven’t been to City Feed and I really need to–I love that picnic idea, thank you.

  • Mariel Torres

    EVERY time I see one of these Sakura B Diaries, I get so excited for when I’m able to buy my very own for my little one. You, darling, are one gorgeous mommy.

    Check out today’s giveaway over at my place 😉

  • sarahunfiltered

    Hello! I have a daughter around Lux’s age. I hate to be so superficial, but may I ask the brand/style of her little shoes? They are perfect!

  • Taryn

    Beautiful. I am not as brave as to sling my toddler while pregnant — hoisting her up is workout enough these days. Can I ask where your dress is from — and is it maternity?

    • Rachael Ringenberg

      It’s from Uniqlo in new york (unfortunately I don’t see it in their online store). If you ever visit the city, be sure to go. You’ll find lots of chic basics. It’s not maternity, and it’s definitely getting stretched at this point!

      There’s something about the sling that makes it less-hoisting to carry her. Distribution of weight? I’m not sure, but I was surprised that it was almost easier than slinging on my hip. (though I’m really looking forward to newborn slinging too!)

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