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Papers of All Sorts

We are in day two of deep engagement with scantily clad golden age Greek paper dolls. Scraps of paper are blowing hither and thither around the house, but the girls are loving cutting and coloring these detailed creatures and as previously mentioned, I have zero better ideas. They are using ones copied out of the Story of the World Activity book, which I unfortunately can’t find scans of online. But the blog Practical Pages has fun detailed ones which you may print off for free.

I’m feeling disinterested in making meals right now. I think perhaps I’ve parceled them off too much? Taken the glamour out of the evening meal? It might be the gradually more meager supplies at the store influencing me too. Simplicity feels smart. I only want to eat pesto, bread, pink pickled onions, and cheese on repeat.

I finished my book this morning and I miss it already. Girl, Woman, Other. A collection of chapters each about a different human, often related to each other as friend, child, mother, grandmother. The writing was lovely and poetic and the chapter style made it easy to pick up and put back down. The characters were so interesting and most of their stories had quiet endings as if of course, isn’t life itself interesting enough?

I’m codependent on books right now so I’ve already ordered another. The local bookstore is offering porch drop offs (lovely!). I ordered Weather by Jenny Offill. Went for the hardcopy, because maybe Joe will want to read it too.

Aloud, I am reading the Railway Children to the girls. We love it. The writing is fabulous, and the family is isolated and self-entertaining like the rest of us.

In a rare moment of prescience I bought the supplies for egg nests back in February and saved them until now. These are so easy to make but the girls turned them into a really lengthy project this time–spooning the sugar into the bowl by spoonfuls, trying different designs of nests. I typically expect projects of being 1:1:1–equal ratios of time spent setting up and cleaning up, to the time the project was actually engaging. It’s unexpected when it turns into something longer. The girls each selected one nest to save for Easter morning.


  • Elizabeth

    I remembered your post on Spring Nest cookies from last year and was pleased to find that the 6 year old and 4 year old firmly believe it is a “tradition” after making them once, last Easter. We happily made them this week, so I guess I’ll call it a tradition now as well.
    Also, I just missed “Girl, Woman, Other” with my Brooklyn book club but am encouraged to read it on my own after hearing their rave reviews and now seeing yours as well. Thanks!

    • Rachael

      Ah! I love to hear that about the tradition, even more so that you managed to carry it on! Bravo. And enjoy the book. : )

  • Julee

    I just finished reading Weather! What did you think of it, or do you think, so far?
    My Bookclub plans to discuss it, but I can’t find the heart to arrange a Zoom meeting. Bookclub is supposed to happen in a living room… le sigh…

    • Rachael

      I waited to finish it before replying. I really liked elements of it, but was disappointed overall with the reductive/minimal approach. I loved her interview on “Between the Covers” and I think I expected even more story *between* the characters themselves?

  • Nadene Esterhuizen

    Hello there! I found you from your referral link. Thank you so much for sharing my paper dolls with your readers! I have loved browsing through your blog and feel that we share so many similar interests. Sending you warm greetings from South Africa.

    • Rachael

      Thank you so much for creating lovely paper dolls and sharing them with the internet! I loved reading your posts. Solidarity and affection!

  • Taylor

    I just read The Nickel Boys and highly recommend it! Exquisite. Read Such A Fun Age before that and would love to discuss with you if you read it. I read On Earth We Are Briefly Gorgeous before that and it was heavy!

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