Louis Boston

The new Louis Boston eatery looks like a lovely place for a summer lunch. Opening mid June, Sam’s will also gives you an excuse to see the store’s new building on Fan Pier (below).

In other Boston food news, we went to Myers + Chang,  just across the bridge in the South End, for Joe’s graduation dinner and it was truly delicious. Their theme is asian diner which seems to me the very definition of funky, or at least what I’ve always wanted it to mean. I loved it and can’t wait to go back in the fall. If you need an excuse to go, on Sundays they do $1 oysters with $1 PBRs (tall boys, even).

PS And of course I can NOT wait to try Saus when we get back. Say the words “frites” + “mayonnaise-based sauces” + “open late” and I will nominate you for mayor of Boston.

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