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Favorites January 2019

Heidi of 101cookbooks does these lists every once in awhile and I love them. Here’s what I’m loving.

This interview with Molly Rosen Guy (Shop Doen). My Dad used to tell his doctor that he just wanted to get well soon so he could go home and read the Chicago Tribune every morning in his favorite chair by the window. 

My friend Erin told me about Kid Gorgeous, the hour long comedy special on Netflix and I’m so glad she did. His robot bit had me laughing hysterically (with headphones, after bedtime, with old halloween candy, as a parent might do). More laughter for January!

I’ve been making this light, tasty chicken stir-fry recipe for ten years and the sauce is still my favorite mix of soy-vinegar-garlic-ginger. If you can get Boston lettuce, the wraps are really fun, but tortillas will do, sour cream adds a lot as well. (Martha Stewart)

This interview with RadioLab producer Latif Nasser“I love Google Alerts. I have dozens of them active at any given time.”

A passion project of Alice of Forest Bound, the Cabin Escapes Directory is so fun to page through, imagine getaways and nab interior decoration ideas.

Light, bendy, and rechargeable, these clip-on reading lights were a total win as Christmas gifts for the girls.

The pinterest account of Willaby, an organic blanket brand from Georgia.

Mortise & Tenon Magazine


  • Connie

    I adore john mulaney! I just went through interview season for medical residency (18 interviews while suited up, check and check), and his entire delta airlines bit is how I felt about ALL of it. That outlook got me through the whole thing–med school, interviews, flights, and all. I’ll be sure to check out everything else on this list! Thanks rachael

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