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I was thrilled to see the Wirecutter’s review of kids headphones. There is not enough said about the brands on the market that don’t offer volume-limiting. When marketing to kids, it should be an obvious inclusion. After 80 hours of research Wirecutter’s resulting choice, a pair that goes for $100 on Amazon, looks pretty great. But I’m skeptical of bluetooth with kids—it sounds like a nightmare trying to resolve the pairing anytime it goes wrong (and you know it would). But the comfort level looks amazing for a child over age seven.

That said, the pair they awarded second place to are the OnanOff Buddy Headphones, which we’ve had since last spring. Built-in-splitter. Yup. I know. Brilliant. Solves so many issues, no matter what weird scenario you’re in–only one of the airline seat tvs in your row is working, only one of the downloaded shows is actually interesting, one of your iPads died enroute. And they retail for $33. Recommend.


  • Julia

    I bought myself a pair of Bohm headphones in tan and gold (they look really similar to the Puro headphones) and they are really comfortable, and I usually really don’t like over the ear headphones because the hurt my ears, and these have very minimal discomfort. I thought that the bluetooth pairing would be a pain but actually, on my iPhone, it almost always automatically pairs and repairing actually takes about less than a minute. It’s my Macbook that I have to manually pair almost every time I use it. I love being able to walk around and not get caught on stuff. So far, I have loved switching over to bluetooth. Though what works for you, works for you. 🙂

    • Rachael

      Well they sound fantastic for ME! Great point about walking through the house. I love to listen when cleaning and tidying, and hate the corded wrapped around my jeans. And anyway, I should test them out first for myself, and we love it, then all the better for the whole family. Thanks Julia!

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