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secretly lunchable

I delayed in ordering a lunchbox so long—paralyzed, review-reading indecision—that Lux spent the first four days of kindergarten reusing a takeout container from whole foods. It accumulated food stains and the corners gradually grew crushed and stubby from the rubber bands pinging it together. She never complained about it though, though she did note to me that the loose carrots sticks were dyeing everything a faint orange color.

As I banded it shut one morning, I mentioned to her that I had ordered a new lunchbox. She looked so relieved: “I was hoping you’d say that, mom!”

On Friday her new lunchbox had arrived (I got one of those that weelicious makes look so amazing, the rover planetbox). She was so excited to bring it with her to school. At pickup, she unpacked it in the schoolyard to show me that she’d eaten every last thing out of it. When we got home that night, she insisted on washing it out and drying it herself, and putting it away in its box once again. 

And that is the story of accidentally inspired pride of ownership.


  • Bridget

    i think it’s so sweet that she didn’t even ask for one. but was secretly hoping all along. what a sweetie. (a planetbox? if so, she and parker are lunchbox twins.)

      • Bridget

        i will. i’m getting better at it recently (it’s always the protein that i get stumped by. especially b/c peanut butter isn’t allowed!). lately applegate chicken nuggets made ahead of time and cooled (he eats them at room temp) with some ketchup for dipping. or chicken sausage! sometimes it’s boring like hummus and veggies.

  • Abby

    planet lunch boxes have been a dream to use! I bought one for each of my three kids – now 4 (FOUR!) years ago – still using the same ones, and still so nice to have the little compartments already separated to pack each food in. It felt really expensive at the time, but can’t believe I haven’t had to replace them since I got them. so glad it’s been a nice experience for Lux too 🙂

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