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Market Launch! (Friends & Family)

Good news! Our shower drain is backed up and we haven’t showered for days!

Oops, wrong post. Save that good news for the new-ways-to-avoid-shampoo post.

The other good news: I am delighted to announce that the Market now has its own website! No more leeching off my website, no sir. I’ve been fiddling with it for far too long to have any objective opinion anymore, so check it out and give me your thoughts! We are headed to Nantucket officially in about two weeks, at which point we will really have some news and photos to post, so officially add the Market blog to your subscriptions! Customer profiles, ocean photos, cocktail recipes, island gossip, and oh-so humorous anecdotes are sure to follow!

Something I’m particularly excited about is our newsletter. I am a big fan of email-newsletters, they make me feel marginally better about the demise of print. (My favorites are from Zingerman’s and Present & Correct.) If you like to receive well designed, nicely written newsletters with curios, tidbits, and the occasional small cartoon, sign up here! After we have collected enough email addresses, not only will we send out a newsletter, but we will sell all the addresses to a struggling pharmaceutical company looking for a few friendly supporters!

Okay friends, I’m off to lure an innocent plumber into our apartment. xoxo.

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