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Last week I wanted to hear Lucy Keating speak at the athenaeum, a library and event spot up the street from me. Lucy wrote dreamology a fantastic and fun young adult novel set in Boston. I loved the writing and admire Lucy for writing such a lighthearted and inventive novel. The event was at noon, so I needed to make a plan for all the three of the girls to attend with me.

The situation reminded me of one my favorite kids-tag-along hacks that I learned from my friend Ashley. Ashley brings her daughter to ballets, plays, and events of all sorts. She buys special candy treats, and then, puts the candy into new bags. The plastic that candy is packaged in is quite possibly the noisiest thing on earth, times ten if you’re in a silent symphony hall. But if you decant the candy into new disguised bags, like the girls are holding above, not only will your children be able to eat silently, but also only a few people will even notice you are bribing them! Win win.

The talk was a real treat for me. And I loved the chance for Lux to see a young woman (Lucy is my age) author up front, talking about her writing process. Lux picked up phrases here and there and would look over at me and smile in recognition. Joan and Alma were rather oblivious but happy to not be at left at home anyway.

Do you have any favorite tips that makes it easier for kids to join adult events?


  • steph

    Not really a tip, but kudos for taking the kids. Aside from many trips in utero, my son has been visiting museums/art events since he was 3 weeks old. He appreciates and understands things….and he knows how to behave. Granted his dad an I are both museum professionals, but we always encourage treating kids like adults. Within reason, of course, like choosing and ordering his own meals. I’m proud of our independent, inquisitive kid 🙂

    • Rachael Ringenberg

      Yes. I love doing museums with them, so I still feel a little uncomfortable–mostly with how little they can *touch* things. It’s making me dramatically more interested in interactive art!

  • Lauren Maita

    I think that’s great you too the kids! You got to attend the function you were looking forward to and it served as an enriching event for them:)

  • Kate

    hello, thanks for the lovely post, pleasure to read. you mentioned a kindergarten w Italian classes. Which one is it? Thank you!

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