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Start following a few homeschool people on facebook and you’ll be inundated with articles about homeschooling. Here are a few I’ve enjoyed recently…

Confessions of a Former Homeschooling Mom

I think of this one in the morning because she says…

We started every day by snuggling on the couch. There was no yelling at everyone to find their shoes. There was no scrambling to locate homework and lunch boxes. There was no rush. No fuss. No tears. In fact, at the risk of sounding like a homeschool hippie, we started our days in peace and love. What a bunch of weirdos.

Ha! Losing those moments, as it is the same at our house right now, is probably my #1 suspicion of beginning kindergarten next fall.

What changed this teacher’s mind about homeschooling

Having been the only person to be called on for 12 years, she did not use the group’s mass as camouflage, or a barrier, but accepted every question, suggestion, lesson and instruction as her own responsibility.

This one reminded me of myself and how I felt in the classroom, both in high school and college, having been homeschooled up until then.

Haute Home Schools (there seems to be pay block here if you try to read on your phone)

This was just a fun one to read, on the high end of things. You don’t have to build a custom home for it, of course, but Joe and I do talk about hiring tutors for specific subjects that we don’t feel capable of handling ourselves. Wouldn’t that be fun?

Learn Different, on Altschools

This isn’t about homeschooling, but it’s a great overview of where the tech-iest micro-schools are at these days by Rebecca Mead at the New Yorker. The benefits (retroactive omniscience for the teacher!) and pitfalls (tablet frustrations for kindergartners) are just as you might imagine them. Exciting nonetheless.

Reading any good articles lately?

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  1. This batch of articles comes at a great time for us. I have three — an almost-5-year-old, a 2.5 year old, and a little baby born a week after Alma : ) I went the traditional school route and my husband along with his six sibs were homeschooled. They are all awesome people and my MIL has loved the experience. Sometimes I wish homeschooling had never appeared in my radar so that I wouldn’t have to wrestle with the decision!!! But then again I’m grateful… Anyways, I’d go on and on, but I’d love to somehow know more about your decision-making process since I’m always trying to get in other people’s heads about this.

    • Hi! We haven’t actually decided. That’s why I’m always reading it up on it! We have a pretty great public school option nearby that she might place into. What primary makes me swing towards homeschool is: 1/ time with siblings 2/ time to pursue her own interests at her own pace 3/ no time wasted on crowd control, lining up, teacher dealing with other students. Basically: time!

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