Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary

For the record there is no nailing an adventure with kids. There is no perfectly packed backpack, no perfect interlude before naps, no perfect weather that will soothe all concerns. You will always find out at the end that one of them has been acting strangely¬†because it turns their feet have been soaking wet from the beginning. They will always be suddenly starving as soon as you buckle their seat belts. They will always ask to be carried at regular intervals and refuse to go down the path you’ve pointed to.

But anyway we still say, “Woah that was a good adventure wasn’t it?” when we get home and they always say, “Yes!”

About forty minutes outside Boston, the Sanctuary is a wonderful place year-round.Free for Mass Audubon members (like Drumlin Farm) about $3 each otherwise. Twelve miles of trails. But you can follow the .6 mile trail to the Rockery, a magic cave made of enormous rocks constructed around 1910.

Joe just finished reading¬†The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe to the girls (“That witch is not very nice!” -Joan Bea). The woods felt just as you might imagine them when Lucy steps through the back of the wardrobe.

You can bring birdseed, or you can just hold out your hand, and the birds will land lightly with their spindle feet that feel like gentle paper clips on your fingers.

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  1. I love this! As much as I’m excited to raise a kiddo in Chicago, I worry about her missing out on the fun of exploring open spaces and the woods that my brothers and I had when we were little. Looks like I need to do my research on nature preserves and wild spaces within a short drive of the city!

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