7 / 52…in puerto rico

7 lux 7 alma7 joan Lux: spent the whole week either anxiously ready for the pool, or in it. 

Alma: sleeping in my mom’s arms. Takes a pacifier–my first baby to do so.

Joan: wild and sweet, wild and sweet, wild and sweet. What a dichotomy! 


  • Sarah T

    I am such a worrier that I was wondering if you cared to share how the trip went in regards to the Zika virus. Did you just do safety precautions such as bug spray?? We have a cruise coming up and I almost just want to cancel it!!

    • Rachael Ringenberg

      We really debated canceling and I’m so glad we didn’t! I read about it quite a bit before we left, as I mentioned. I decided I wasn’t really worried about any of us catching it. Especially if it’s going to be around for awhile–might as well get immunity now. I did order natural repellent bracelets for the girls (http://amzn.to/1oEyXLk) and a mosquito net for Alma’s crib. But once we got there we saw so few mosquitos I didn’t even use those. It was breezy everywhere, I don’t think mosquitos could have latched on.

      My friend who lives in PR with her family wasn’t worried about it either. Of course she did have friends who were pregnant who were leaving the island, which makes sense.

      I feel like on a cruise you’d have even less chance of bugs?

    • R S

      These pictures make me long for warm weather! I can’t wait to hear more about this trip and live vicariously through your adventures. When I saw “Puerto Rico,” my first thought was zika too. But my understanding is that it is pretty harmless unless you are pregnant. Then I would be terrified! Otherwise, I’d be a lot more concerned about germs in the airport/airplane than I would about zika virus.

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