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afternoonAlma is asleep on the bed. We’re moving forward with the assumption she loves to sleep with noise! The girls tell me those chess pieces are watching a movie. 

I have fallen down a rabbit hole of obsession with Jenny Gordy of Wiksten. She makes incredibly beautiful perfectly lovely things for her daughter. And she writes brief and candid captions. Do follow.

I’m re-reading Momma ZenIt’s so good and soothing, I want to quote the whole darn thing here. The thing that always strikes me about this book is that Karen Maezen Miller only had one child. And yet she just caught it all, all the difficulties and transitions and wisdom to be gained, the first time around. Impressive.

When you have a baby, the boundaries of a day are not boundaries at all. What you thought was a day–daylight followed by an evening meal and assorted frivolities–is only one half of the day. A true day goes on much longer! A true day is a night and a day and a night again. A true day never ends.


  • Monica

    I’m always impressed by your ability to create such a calm simple space. We’re in the process of moving cross-country, from a suburban 3 bedroom house, to something (probably an apartment) in the city, most likely around 800 sf. We’ve got 2 young children (ages 1 and 3) who will be sharing a bedroom for the first time. Any tips on small city living with children? You make it look effortless and charming, but I’m a little terrified!

    • Rachael Ringenberg

      The sunlight helps a lot! Try to find a place with at least a few good windows. Other than that, any time the kids are out or otherwise distracted, take a few minutes to go through their stuff and purge what isn’t working anymore. They’ll appreciate it even if they don’t directly notice it!

  • Guro Skårdal Nygård

    I love reading your blog! I’m in the same situation as you with one newly born (Feb 2) and two older girls (5 and 3). And your latest posts all made me think: Yes! That how it feels! – We also live in a relatively small apartment (in Norway).

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