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I keep forgetting to mention! It’s a girl. We found out two weeks ago (at 20 weeks, the day before this photo was taken). Good thing I’ve saved everything. And you know what? This makes me really happy that I bought nicer things for the girls here and there, like Hunter rain boots and good winter jackets. Cause I loved them once, loved em twice, and now I get to love them a third time. So you should go push BUY on whatever you have sitting in your zappos cart right now.

I DID want them to say it was a boy, I admit. Because: sons. They seem like a good thing. They contain within themselves less feral mother-daughter drama; like say a dog compared to a cat. They seem blindly loyal, like a hometown sports fan. And also: brothers. They don’t seem like a good thing for a bit of your life, and then: they’re the best. And you realize how much you learned from them all along….obviously there’s many things I could say in favor of the gender that makes up half our human race. Anyway.

But now that I know it’s a girl, in the sense that the girl already exists and it’s no longer anyone’s guess, I’m very happy.

We’re pretty into our spider-catching duplo architects. Our bunny lovers who usually prefer to “roar like a t-rex.” Our dance-adoring pink appreciators who could pick a good twirly dress out of a deep six rack of boxy shirts. Our rain-walk loving, silly screaming, someday-dreaming, fresh white paper hogs who have scribbled every last crayon down to its tattered stub and spend afternoons “just painting with black today.” We can’t wait.

food and family photo from happy Maine by our friend Jared.

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  1. wow… three little girls. that’s so fantastic. we find out the gender of our second little tomorrow and since we already have a boy i’m wondering which one i’m hoping for more. congratulations!

  2. Three girls! So amazing. Your honesty is great. Love how they prefer to “roar like a T-rex.” I can’t imagine the volume of a hypothetical Harrington and Ringenberg play date. Lux’s shoe in the grass and Joan’s bare feet make the photo.

  3. Congratulations! I was surrounded by brothers growing up, and they were great, but I’m STILL jealous of my friends who grew up with lots of sisters especially now that I’ve started having kids. They will be such a gift to each other!

  4. Congratulations. I had 3 girls in a row. They are now teenagers (19, 17, 15) and I can honestly say that it is just the best. Sure, they fight and get on each other’s nerves on occasion but most of the time they adore each other and are truly best friends. I also love hanging out with them and “going out for coffee” with one or all of my daughters is a regular part of my life, which I love. I did have 2 boys after my 3 girls (now 12 and 10) and then finished off with a final daughter who is 6, thoroughly spoilt, and the delight of us all.

  5. Congratulations Rachael!! I’ll just say it- I can’t wait to hear what her name is! You have great taste in names…and all things, of course 🙂

  6. I read your interview on reading my tealeaves this morning and re-found your blog. I used to read you years ago, I don’t know what happened. Anyway, congratulations on another girl! I have four girls, currently pregnant with #5 and it’s a boy. But no matter the gender outcome, it’s so much fun each time, the relationships are so sweet. I’m excited for you guys.

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