yum lately


Red beans & rice with chorizo and a bit of ham. Wish I’d doubled this number. We got to eat it for a couple days, but I could have eaten it for a week!


You know your baking powder is old when…your cream biscuits turn out all slumpy like this. They are so irresistible anyway though. Joan eats the dough, Lux helps me cut them out.

almond_date_milk cold_brew

Almond macadamia date milk. I’ll just quote Noelle because she said it so well I thought of her words the whole time: so creamy, with a hint of brown butter from the macadamia nuts, and a caramelized sugar note from the dates.

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Flip Flops And Furs
2 years 11 months ago

That nut milk looks delicious! Do you always make it or do you ever buy?


Flip Flops and Furs

2 years 11 months ago

This red bean and rice led me to exploring all sorts of tasty things Annie has posted… caramel pretzel bars, quinoa w/ mushrooms, asparagus and feta…

2 years 11 months ago

When you move to California, we will have nut milk coffees and discuss recipes that make lots of leftovers all the time.