nods, bows


Aside from under the kitchen table sweeping up black beans, here are some places I’ve been lately:

I answered a few revealing questions for the “our favorite moms who blog” feature over at Iviebaby (most stylish crib sheets in the land).

I wrote a Literary City Guide to Boston: a guide with a bookish flair (my favorite kind!). All her guides are fabulous, I love her style.

I created what I believe to be the most pleasant clickable way to plan travel–Ideal Itinerary boards on Pinterest for Bridget. The combo of foursquare images + map backdrop + pinterest organization = dynamite….in my oh so humble opinion.

Back in March I wrote up a dream for my children someday for Nina’s sweet blog Wee Mountains.

These aren’t really interviews but I’m FOREVER grateful to all of you hard working bloggers who link to me now and again, and again. It means a lot, despite near-radio silence on my end. I just want to write all these down here for a minute:

Fern and Flora

The Home Book

Cedars and Tiny Flowers

The Rhodes Log

Olive Juice Okay

The Scribble Pad

Your Fonder Heart

The wonderful world of veena

Mama Tonic

Tulips and Flight Suits 

Josh and J


8 thoughts on “nods, bows

  1. Thanks for all of the blog links! I’ve been bouncing around lately looking at different blogs. Just wanted to let you know that a number of the links at the bottom of your post are directing to the wrong site. (The Rhodes Log goes to Homebook, Olive Juice Okay goes to Rhodes Log, Your Fonder Heart goes to Scribble Pad, etc.) Thanks!

    • Oh brother! Thanks : ) I was bouncing around like you wouldn’t believe linking all that stuff up. I’m not surprised at all! Hopefully you were able to find your way nonetheless. They are all super.

    • Oh brother! Thanks for this notification. I was bouncing around these blogs like you wouldn’t believe!
      Everything is fixed, I hope!

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