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Tis the season


tis the season for banana bread with coconut or chocolate pudding with ancho chili powder.

tis the season for throwing out old socks with holes in the toes.

tis the season for risking a smile for stranger.

tis the season for heating up some water, grabbing a towel, tucking underneath, and taking some deep breaths.

tis the season for asking your partner for a backrub.

tis the season for pulling out a calendar, turning to June, and writing in every fun thing that you miss.

tis the season for asking your best friend from high school what movie she loved lately.

tis the season for keeping five dollars in your jacket for the next person who asks.

tis the season to practice your easter egg dyeing skills and then make your grandmother’s egg salad recipe.

tis the season for deciding that a pint of raspberries isn’t so extravagant after all.

tis the season for going to the museum and searching for the painting with the most flowers.

calendar from philadelphia’s omoi zakka shop, who specialize in Japanese imports. 


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