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One month in and I’m black tea addict. It all started when a little girl named Joan began waking up at 5am every morning with the reliability of the garbage man. I needed something quiet to make, that I could have multiple cups of, that I could drink all day.

To make things more fun for myself at this grim hour, I decide to buy solidly indulgent supplies. First I bought a nice raw sugar, brown, grainy and faintly molasses flavored. And I bought two nice strong black teas. Still cheaper than a week’s worth of coffee, I did love loitering in the tea aisle at Whole Foods for awhile and browsing the dreamy marketing. Goodbye Twinings Earl Grey: you simply were not strong enough for me. I would love to get some of Cambridge’s MEM tea next time I’m at a retailer.

Then, last week, I went over to Bridget’s house for a playdate (in which the moms play and the children sit quietly and discuss health trends). She offered us bulletproof coffee, which I had never heard of, and it was delicious! Essentially buttered coffee with coconut oil, grass-fed butter, some cream, some cinnamon, all of it blended together into a latte-colored frothy mugful. Satisfying and quenching all in one.

Bulletproof was developed from the animals-fats-and-cholesterol-make-things-better school of thought, same idea as Nourishing Traditions or Nina Planck’s Real Food. (I probably don’t need to tell you that these theories attempt to fight the blame put on saturated fats from the ’70s that older adults are still espousing to this day. Ideas like “butter clogs arteries,” and “don’t eat too many eggs,” that have since been disproven.)

I would link to the guy’s website who trademarked the genius term bulletproof, but frankly: it’s ugly. And he’s a bit obsessed with butter. Let’s take this in moderation, shall we? This is something to have one cup of, in the morning, to begin your day satisfied.

My question was whether it would work with black tea. I tried it with a chai tea blend. It was quite good.

I would still like to be invited to Bridget’s regularly to have her coffee version, but this was very nice before a blustery Boston morning. My only thought is that you should make the tea stronger than you typically would–maybe three bags worth for 16 oz of liquid.

bulletproof_chai_teabulletproof chai tea

16 oz water steeped with three black tea bags or chai blend
Spoonful / 2 T unrefined organic coconut oil
2 T butter (grassfed if you can find it, kerrygold is everywhere these days)
dash of cinnamon
dash of cream

Blend, in a blender!


14 thoughts on “bulletproof chai tea

  1. I like your dedication to doing it up tea-wise. A little pampering goes a long way in the humdrum SAHM-life.

    A splash of vanilla is another option though I skip it sometimes and hardly notice.

    • The idea is that if you eat more full fat things (like real butter, real cream, full fat yogurt) instead of lowfat things, you will eat less of them and you will eat less of other things that are more dangerous because of sodium and carb—like cereal and white bread. How people read the studies go back and forth on this. The people i mentioned above believe that animal fats and full fat dairy are better for you because they satisfy your cravings and you will eat less (especially, ultimately, less sugar, salt and white carbs), among other benefits the body gets from real fats. Studies have also taken back the claims they made about eggs and saturated fats being fully to blame for heart disease.

      I really enjoyed “Real Food” you should check it out!

      Here’s a good overview, currently:


  2. I’m so intrigued. This also makes me think I should curb my coffee addiction with a bit of tea. I love imagining you taking your time in Whole Foods. Such a luxury. I rarely do it, but it is so nice, especially when you’re up before the sun. I just finished up my fancy honey from Napa and my giant bottle from Target just isn’t quite the same.

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