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pocketful of sunshine

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My younger and only sister Joanie came to visit last week (we have five brothers, but just each other, sister-wise). She knows me like no one else and even though she used the word “exhausted” to describe me four or five times, I love her. Her advice is like gold to me, other than when she tells me about movies because I only see one once every three months or so and she has five to recommend at any given time (yeesh, LA people! I tell ya). She did dozens of dishes, complimented my granola, didn’t get annoyed when Lux woke her up at 7AM (4AM Cali time), brought in cheese and champagne for dinner, hauled groceries back up the hill, taught Lux to say “where’s my money?” and watched a few too many Daniel Tiger episodes for my taste. Aunts. What rascals they are.

We went vintage shopping at Oona’s in Cambridge and she loved it like I hoped she would. (Joan says cable knit sweaters are about to have A MOMENT which, of course they are, because I gave mine away to goodwill oh, six months ago. Like clockwork, those trends and my closet clean-outs. But honestly mine was scratchy and didn’t fit well in the shoulders.) We ate burgers and skinny onion rings and drank Crispin ciders in the basement of Tasty Burger. She read books all morning to Lux so Joe and I could go get waffles at Beacon Hill Bistro. One morning I did errandsĀ like a CHAMP, paying off ten bucks in library fines (HERE THEY ARE AT LAST, I screamed as I threw the board books down on the counter. Not really, of course. I meekly doled it out and the kind man even knocked ten cents off my bill), mailing a few things, consigning a pile of clothes.

sigh. It was lovely. Visitors make the week go by so fast and adventurously.


  • bridget

    they still do library fines?! boston’s not messing around! (up here they just send you warning email after warning email. but warning me of what? a dirty look? no fines!)

    this post made me happier than it should because I JUST ORDERED A CABLE KNIT SWEATER and have really been feeling the cable knit lately. joanie! you validate me!

    and why didn’t we go to oona’s when we were in cambridge?! next time, rachael.

    lux saying where’s my money, lol.

    okay, future comments: i should probably just choose one thing to comment on instead of combing through your post and making comments on every thing you said?

    • Rachael Ringenberg

      Some politician probably got elected on banning your library fines. I don’t mind them really, I always think of it as a donation for all the books we got for free.

      We’ll do Oona’s next time! The girls lasted about ten minutes, I had mill around outside while Joanie tried stuff on. I’m not at all surprised you are on top of the cable knit trend.

  • Erin Clifford

    I love reading your posts on a Monday morning. It is rainy and dreary here and we had a weekend of leaks in the basement and lots of laundry and never feeling on top of things, so your post is more certainly a ‘pocketful of sunshine’.
    thank you for kick starting my day!

  • Abbie

    I think the only thing better than visits from sisters are visits from aunts- especially ones who teach your child to say “where’s my money?”

  • Joanie

    made me happy. the money part is my favorite, i hope she still says that at thanksgiving. i have been waking up extremely early since returning to the west coast.
    miss you little bundles already.

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