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favorite podcasts

One of my favorite things about living in the year 2013 is podcasts. Among my favorites:

  • spilled milk which is like having two giggly foodie pals over for dinner on the back porch
  • the sounds in my head which is like listening to the hippest radio station with a goofy self-deprecating DJ and no ads!
  • the writer’s almanac which, though just five minutes long, is like drinking a large glass of pinot noir while looking at the mountains
  • the longest shortest time which is like talking on the phone to your funny best friend about how your baby won’t stop crying and having your friend successfully calm you down and make you laugh.

I want to highlight the longest shortest time as I have a bunch of readers who are new moms and because she’s just launched two cool campaigns.

The first: free cards that you can send for to jump start conversations in playgroups, library meet-ups, drop off at your OB’s office, pin on the bulletin board at your local playground, and the like. Printed on heavy card stock with funny quotes from the show, they are beautifully done:


Read more about those and order them for free right here.

And: she just launched a kickstarter campaign so she can afford to begin a whole new season of episodes. I love Hillary’s style–she has a wonderfully relaxed way of interviewing and asking all the questions you hope she’ll ask. One of my favorite episodes had personal interviews with the two sides of the sleep-training debate. It was so refreshing for me to hear it all hashed out like that. I think once you have the chance to listen to a few episodes, you’ll be pledging for a second season, just like I did!

by the way, I use Apple’s free podcast app to easily download and listen to podcasts on my iphone when I’m cleaning up the kitchen, driving, or walking around in circles waiting for Joan to fall asleep.



  • Julie

    My two-hour commute and I absolutely love podcasts, so this list made my morning 🙂 Do you like book podcasts? I’m (happily) drowning in them, the best being: Books on the Nightstand and Bookrageous.

  • Julie

    I haven’t listened to Spilled Milk in a long time (I remember being weirdly turned off by Molly’s voice, not because it sounded bad, but it just sounded sooo different from the voice in my head when I was reading her blog!).

    I like Comedy Bang Bang, All Songs Considered (but only when they’re doing a seasonal round-up or best of list – not just when Bob B. is waxing poetic about some weird electronica), the NPR Books podcast, the New Yorker fiction podcast (this one they pick an author to read a favorite story from the archives, and then discuss it at the end w/ the fiction editor – heavenly!), and Stuff You Should Know, This American Life, and Radio Lab. It sounds like all I do is listen to podcasts, but it’s really just in car trips!

    • Rachael Ringenberg

      That is tough. I have that with bloggers who suddenly do video too. I’m like–that’s what you sound like!?
      Great suggestions! It’s important to have a list at the ready when you do actually have time to listen.

  • Aubrey Tate

    Oooo I’ll have to check out these podcasts! I listen to quite a few podcasts as well and also started podcasting myself. I’m loving it so far. I have plans to start working with others to create some fun podcasts, as the one I’m doing now is just me but I’m enjoying it nonetheless. ^_^

  • casey m

    I will be looking up the ones you’ve mentioned! ‘The Longest Shortest Time’ sounds wonderful! I just love the Writer’s Almanac and I’m faithful to it everyday at 9-9:05am; I’ll even run out to my car to listen to since I’m usually at work. It’s nice to have something in my day that makes me feel like I’ve received some amount of education.

    I few I’m also a fan of: this American Life (Prairie Home Companion), the Splendid Table (a cooking podcast), Let My People Think with Ravi Zacharias (explores modern thought in the midst of the message of Jesus, he says it better.. worth looking up!).

  • Abbie

    I just came back to this because I’m about to do a boring task, and podcasts are the only thing to get me through. Spilled Milk is my favorite favorite favorite, but I also thoroughly enjoy This American Life (this week’s one was hilarious at times) and Radiolab. Sometimes the Splendid Table is wonderful, sometimes Lynn Rossetto Kasper’s voice drives me nuts.

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