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the sling diaries: wisdom


We woke up early and went out to the back garden in the rain to take these photos. It was one of those mornings where one moment it was pouring, and the next was clear with the background noise of all the leaves dripping quietly. I’ll miss these sling diary assignments. I’ll have to come up with other reasons for taking all these photos, it’s too fun to resist documenting this stage in our family. This is my last entry for Sakura Bloom and I’m wearing what turned out to be my favorite sling through the series, the simple silk in amber (currently sold out). The double silk is so solid, it is my trusty partner in babywearing.

This month’s subject was wisdom, so I’ll say this: I checked out a whole stack of library books when I first found out I was pregnant two years ago. I’m a researcher, when it comes to a new topic in my life, I want to read everything. Once Lux was born it escalated—I was online trying to figure out how to get the baby to sleep, I was highlighting pages of and folding over corners of my books, I was emailing my friends and strangers for advice.

Eventually, I figured out what a few good people had tried to tell me all along: listen to yourself. Listen to the voice that tells you that you know what you’re doing. Close the books, scoff at the experts. Tell ’em you’re different, your babe is one of a kind, and by golly, you know what you’re doing.



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