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the sip and see


A couple weekends ago we had friends over for a sip ‘n see. A term stolen from the south (I think? maybe old south?), it means people are invited over to eat and drink and see the new baby. A typical party, except all we had to do as hosts was tidy up the apartment because the guests brought all the food and drink. In fact, moments before the 10 a.m. start time, the four of us were sitting in the living room, just peacefully waiting and twiddling our thumbs instead of dashing around getting everything perfect.

they brought:

  • Coconut bread and marmalade 
  • Blueberry galettes (these are pretty easy and incredibly elegant!)
  • our favorite Barismo coffee
  • mimosa ingredients
  • Bacon cheddar scones
  • a heaping fruit salad

Babies are at their best in the morning and it’s always nice to have a party at the start of the weekend when everyone has plenty of time to get errands done afterwards (it reminded me of Lux’s first birthday party). We loved having the chance to just sit around our living room and catch up with everyone (most of them from Joe’s graduate school days, thus some of our first friends in Boston). Our new apartment isn’t ideal for hosting dinner parties, but it is a great spot to lounge in the morning sun.

Food is love. If, as studies claim, experiences and memories ultimately render more satisfaction than possessions, my money is on the gift of food as the best gift you can give these days.


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