5 Links from under the dribble

I really enjoyed this pretty introverts on the internet essay.

Joe played Little Wings for me last night and it was so nice. (specifically the “Light Green Leaves” album from 2002)

I’m reading Pilgrim at Tinker Creek to completely check out for 15 minutes and its totally working.

My favorite part of Alice Waters’ ratatouille recipe (that I’ve made approximately 20x in my life) is when you drop a whole bunch of basil straight into the hot pan. My second favorite part is how it tastes better when it’s three days old.

Joe wrote up an article about diagrams and published it on the very hip Medium where it has been lauded and acclaimed far beyond our kitchen table.

An email from my friend Jordan about a new movie and a new show. We all need a friend like her to keep us appreciative and in love with good media:

…Oh I am SO glad you like Bling Ring!  I just loved it, too!  Whoever the girl is who played Chloe, make her a star RIGHT NOW!  And the Thiessa Farmiga-dances-with-a-gun-moment was actually disturbing. She really put on the disaffected girl with crazy eyes hat there and it just WORKED.  I’m calling it Sophia’s best yet, as the highly dreary nature of Virgin Suicides does not allow for repeat viewing 🙁 

What else do I love?  Orange is the New Black!  But in a much more well rounded way.  I wouldn’t exactly stand on a box and defend Bling Ring to people as universally lovable, but Orange is the New Black… If someone doesn’t like it they’re an asshole. Seeing Natasha Lyonne as a heroin junkie turned inmate turned brassy advice giver could be too spot on to work, but instead it goes off just perfectly!  And Laura Prepon really works for me in her role too.  I think it’s her renaissance post-That 70s Show.  Really all of the characters just weedle their way into your heart 🙂  And it’s so weird to see a cast of women, just almost all women – who aren’t particularly attractive either!  The male characters really just exist to highlight the female story lines.  That Jenji Kohan.  A lady for ladies.



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  1. I just started OITNB last night, and both my husband and I were pretty impressed by the pilot. I think your (fantastically) energetic friend might be on to something there!

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