the tiniest birthday party


We are honored and shocked to have a two year old in our midst. My weekly email newsletter about her age group (somehow every pregnant woman in America manages to sign up for these emails) switched over from “your one year old” to “your preschooler.” I don’t really believe in preschool, so STOP THAT NONSENSE, Baby Center.


I’m sure it’s no news to you all that two year olds are tiny wonderful gremlins who move into your home and bring havoc and delight wherever they go. They don’t fix up your shoes or clean your kitchen while you sleep, but they do find pieces of paper and tear them into a dozen pieces and leave a small trail of confetti across your living room. While you make dinner, they delight in hunting down a neat pile of folded blankets and unfolding them into a pattern only understood by their whimsical minds. They don’t bake cookies in treehouse kitchens, but they do accompany you on every bathroom visit, and bang down the door if you accidentally happened to lock it.


We love ours. <3 <3 Happy Birthday Lux. (and yes, it’s true: Joan Bea was born just two days before Lux’s birthday! Anyone have experience with very very close family birthdays?)

and, a birthday gift: a vintage tea set. bunny is appropriately attired because water was everywhere. birthday_gift



  • kaciacoconut

    we had the tiniest of birthdays for Harow, too! 🙂 it was so perfectly perfect. little joyful gremlins? yes. those baby center emails? I have tried to unsubscribe in every day I know how! IMPOSSIBLE!!! ACK!!!

  • Abbie

    Happy happy birthday to your little gremlin! I hope the transition to being a big sister AND a two-year-old continues to go smoothly.

    My sister and I have closeish birthdays, and growing up, it always made everything seem even more fun- we got to spread the celebration out for longer.

  • Sarah

    Well, three of my siblings have birthdays within six or seven days of each other. And another three of us are grouped over 4 weeks (that include christmas and the new year). Definitely caved to mass parties eventually, and no one seemed to care, at least past the age of 8 or 10ish.

    Adorable photos, congratulations on baby Joan, and happy birthday to Lux!

  • Erin

    I have 3 little boys who were born on Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas (okay not exactly but pretty close). I’ve convinced them that it’s very special to have one big, joint party with a cool theme like “camping!”. So far it’s working. 🙂

  • Brooke Pulver

    I loved this post – happy birthday to your toddler! its an insane journey and I can’t help but feel the toddler days are some of the most interesting and exhausting but also the most rewarding to watch them grow and achieve 🙂

  • Christine

    What a great, teensy birthday! Congrats on your wondrous two year old. They are a prize all their own. I love mine as well.

  • Molly @ Wicked Cheap

    my two sisters are exactly a year and a week apart (what the heck, parents?!?) they shared a lot of friends growing up anyway so having one big party for both of them worked (until middle/high school when that would have been just SO uncool!)

  • bridget

    LUX! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! they are little bathroom-door-knocking gremlins aren’t they? i love the tea set. parker’s ready for a tea party. perhaps less refined than lux but a guest nevertheless?

  • Grace

    Lux just grows so fast. And I am constantly taken in by how beautiful she is. Such a little personality. Happy Birthday little lady!

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