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Happy weekend! We’re going to Maine and it’s going to rain but I still want to do everything we did last time to the letter. And stop by the More & Co shop in Portland, and Cape Porpoise Outfitters on the way home. And maybe pick some strawberries.

1/ Momfilter has an interview with the directors of the Birth Story. When is that documentary coming to Boston? I might just have to buy it on iTunes.

2/ This pretty pretty movie preview sent to me by Kellyn.

3/ This spring playlist by Kinfolk magazine.

4/ If I can write something like this by Kim Foster about my daughters making me breakfast someday, all will be well.


Hot summer bedrooms (not hot like sexy, hot like stuffy and “I waited the whole school year for summer and now this feels miserable, and it’s sunny but everything is not automatically fixed”). Summer homes and cottages, camp, secret neighborhood hangout spots like bridges, overpasses, rivers, and cemeteries. Feeling homesick. Taking sad baths. “Last Days of Disco” by Yo La Tengo/everything by Yo La Tengo. Miranda July’s short stories.Gerhard Richter‘s paintings that look like old photographs. Mark BorthwickCorinne DayRyan McGinley, and Sally Mann. Overalls, white cotton dresses, chain-link fences, the beach, lighthouses, clotheslines, backyards, watercolors, pencils, butterflies and butterfly nets, seashells, the pool and all the gross pool chairs, homemade lemonade, sunflowers, dandelions, straw, fields, all those dirty-looking flowers, and those vaguely Scandinavian floral patterns that you find on dish towels and shit.

-Tavi’s Editor’s Letter about Longing and Summer.



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