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Best 5, Rome

My five favorite things, so far. (it’s only been three days) The eight hour red eye is not invited to this list because Lux opted not to sleep for the whole adventure.

This building across from our porch, which I find endlessly delightful to gaze at. neighbors

Pizza Bianca, chewy and salty, super fresh from bakeries around town. The most delicious and incredibly affordable meal for the three of us (perhaps paired with a wedge of asiago and a mix of salumi wrapped in dancing-pig paper?).pizza_bianca

A toddler in Rome! Who knew it would be so much fun? Because of her we stop and enjoy all the squares perfect for cavorting in, the public fountains for joyously emptying her water bottle and refilling, we notice the bells that toll every hour, we count the pigeons wandering past. And loyal bunny is almost gray now that he’s been dragged around so much of the city. Marble stays beautifully cool but it maintains a thin layer of grim just waiting for soft bunnies to soak up. spanish_steps

This careful caretaker in his church, cleaning up the sand for fresh candles, and arranging the ones left burning until they are just so. peace


I’m posting many more photos on Instagram as we go. If you don’t use the app on your phone, you can see them online right here.


  • casey

    OH I LOVE THIS, Rachael. I could endlessly gaze at these beautiful photos. I was a toddler that cavorted through Europe with my family and it did something simply wonderful in me. I am so grateful for the memories [though they are a tad patchy].

  • Jenevieve Beavers

    It’s amazing the difference a toddler makes in travel! Yes, it can be hard to work around their schedule, and sometimes they will just melt down (or not sleep on a red eye flight!), but it also helps you appreciate the smaller aspects of your trip as well. Letting them run around in parks and squares are memories that will last forever.

  • Jess Rogers

    I’m so glad you are enjoying your time in Rome! Andy and I are headed there in July and I can’t wait to try out some of the places you loved. thanks for sharing!

  • Julie

    How sweet is Lux with her sunhat and stuffed bunny!? Cutest toddler in Rome. And that patio across the way?! So amazing!

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