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You, me and Photoshop


Along with a random blizzard, blogshop blew into town this weekend.

While I was off frolicking with bloggers, Joe spent the whole weekend with Lux! They had such a good time together. It was really nice to realize we’re now “at that age” where hanging with Dad all day is a treat (these days Lux actually calls him Joe, as in “jo! jo! jo!” yelling from the other room. Because of course, that’s what I do and she’s noticed it’s quite effective).


When I first signed up I thought the tuition price for the workshop was crazy opulent (thanks Mom!): $770. After two days absolutely packed with tips, techniques and lessons, I don’t think it is at all. We learned so much! If you think of it as the quick n dirty equivalent of a night class in Photoshop, it starts to make sense.  I only hope I can roll out a few of the skills I learned on here in the near future. Bri and Angela are totally dedicated teachers who answered all of my 90 questions completely.

For example, here’s a header that I whipped up, just for fun:


(that drawing is from The Thinker of Tender Thoughts by Shel Silverstein)

And I walked away with some new header shots to clean up my social media act and make you all think I’m actually a published author on the side.

All in all it was really a treat to spend the weekend with other women pursuing their hobbies and talents, eating good food, and learning how do things I’ve wanted to do for a long time.

How do you feel about Photoshop? Did you know all Adobe products now have a monthly subscription option so you don’t have to buy the whole package for a zillion dollars?


  • susiegirlblog

    what a cool event. i hope to set up a clean, well-designed blog some time this year. does blogshop do any sort of online tutorials/classes or do they just go to big cities and do crash courses? i am interested in that Adobe thing…will pursue. love your new picture, by the way. your smile is so personable and friendly!

    • Rachael Ringenberg

      They just do big events in big cities–but you can always request your city! And keep an eye on their blog, they sell out fast. That resource Erin mentions below might be a great one for you to pursue on your time. And keep in mind blogshop would just be for Photoshop–experimenting with blog themes on wordpress would be the best way to start exploring creating the look you want.

  • Erin

    Lookin’ good!

    Another great resource is (for video tutorials)—although they offer little for free. I’ve found there is always something more to learn when it comes to Adobe, etc. and sometimes it’s nice to splurge on expert instruction vs. hours of asking Google.

  • bridget

    tell me everything.

    also, i am loving that top picture. the way the pink dissolves at the bottom. IS THAT SOMETHING ELSE YOU LEARNED?

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