• Shannon Schreiber

    We live in a 650 sq. ft. one bedroom, and plan to stay with two kids. BUT we have a large walk in closet that is the kids bedroom…we just aren’t sure how well a 2 year old and newborn will do in the same room. Looks like we might be taking the roommate approach in our future.

  • Emily R-C

    I am in love with the idea of tiny houses/small spaces. Have you seen the Tumbleweed Tiny House site? So excellent. There are definitely things that I’ll have to get used to, but it’s our plan for the future nonetheless.

    Also, I gleefully read the quote on your blackboard in the second-to-last photo; it’s one of my favorites, and the title of my blog. Huzzah!

  • Hannah

    We don’t formally room share, but we essentially do. Violet has always been a bad sleeper, so at six months we gave in-we bought a rail for our bed and started bringing her in with us when we were too exhausted to stay up with her. I know it’s not what you’re supposed to do, and I’m sure it will be terrible to break the habit. But there is nothing, nothing in the world, better than being there the instant Violet wakes up in the morning. She goes from dead asleep to huge grin, waving, and saying “Hi!!” in a half second. Then she always crawls over to Snuggles’ side, smacks him on the back, and says, “Hi, daddy!!!” It’s my favorite part of the day.

    • Rachael Ringenberg

      Yes, what is the deal with the dead asleep to wide-awake!? It’s crazy. I only wish I remembered how to do that.

      Actually I have lots of friends still co-sleeping. Bridget (see comment below) is just transitioning out around 18 months and has loved it! Part of me wishes Lux could do both, because it would be so cozy sometimes. (and weird cribs in hotels give me the hives too)

  • Bridget Hunt

    I love your place and your little co-habitating room with Lux. And I also like that you’re just laid back about the whole thing. Not angsty about when she moves into her next room, etc. We (especially ME) could all take a lesson from you in the chill-out process.

    • Rachael Ringenberg

      Don’t worry you will love the next place too! I think P moving into his new room probably represents more to you than just it being his room…like having your bed back for a bit and maybe even sleeping for a whole night here and there. : )

  • Kacia Hosmer

    I’m a bit jealous! I love that she sleeps so well with you near by–when we travel, we can kiss sleeping goodbye if we are all staying in the same room. I know people always say “I miss our first space–it was so small and so perfect,” but the truth is…..I actually do!!

    Also? I think for the price of what you’re paying in Boston, you could get a 4 bedroom here in Pittsburgh. Think about it ;o]

  • noelle

    It sounds like fun to me! Like camping. That’s what I’m going to be telling myself in 2 weeks for the next 2-3 years 😉

    p.s. you picked the best diaper print

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