the new Anna Karenina

I went to Anna Karenina last night. My friend picked me up in her car and drove over there (a luxury that never happens in Boston) so there was no chilly-huddled walking. The theatre sells Tollhouse Ice Cream cookies, a gutsy decision I always like to support.

Usually I am a read-the-book-first type of girl, but I actually think this could be a great movie to watch first, then read. When I read AK I never got a good image of the main characters in my head. I really didn’t understand Anna at all. Keira Knightly is absolutely stunning in this. My friend asked if I had a favorite part, I said anytime she was on screen.  Actually all the characters were beautiful, and their clothes too. Tolstoy you old devil, I thought to myself. What a romantic! I want to read it again now. Did you see it? What did you think?



  • Emily Epperson

    Hello there. Found your blog via E Tells Tales. She linked a post of yours about being a mom of a little one and having nothing to hide behind when you accomplish nothing. I’m mom to a 9 month old Oliver and could soooo relate. It was a beautiful and encouraging and honest post – so thanks for that. Also, I very much want to see Anna but haven’t – probably has something to do with the aforementioned Oliver. It looks stunning.

    Have a lovely weekend!


    p.s. I was home schooled too and always like to meet other cool home schoolers. It appears that you’re one of the cool ones. Kuddos to your parents! 🙂

    • girlpolish

      Hello Emily! and thank you for this comment. I saw that link from E and I was so flattered, it has been such a treat to have visits from her wonderful readers. The crazy thing is I think of you with a nine month old and it gets so much easier! And yet…still all those other things I said. Homeschooling, yes, well there were some in between phases, but fortunately they all happened before Facebook existed. I’m still in awe of how they managed to do it all (it must have been illegal when your parents did it too?).

    • Rachael Ringenberg

      Hello Emily! I saw that post and it’s been such a treat to have readers from E, let me tell you!

      Having a nine month old is even deeper in the heart of this experience from where I’m writing, in fact, I think most of my thoughts probably come from that time. Truthfully, around 15months it gets really rewarding, I’m sure you’re already comparing to 3months ago and can see the difference, but it gets even better!

      But yes–sneaking out to movies, always worth it! Especially if you can stay awake. And thank you for the home schooling compliment. I don’t know how exactly they managed it, but they did. We’ll both be in quite the situation when we have to decide what we think our children need, right?

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