Gifts by Hand

In the eddies of internet mourning that came after David Rakoff died a couple months ago, I’ve been most amazed by the tumblr listing the gifts he made by hand, for his friends. Can you imagine if something like this could be created after you died from gifts you’d given? I especially like this one, which he slipped into a friend’s pocket, to surprise him later.

on the topic of making lovely things, I can’t stop looking at these little felt creatures on etsy. Tiny, and handsewn in wool felt:

Baby Honey Badger Plush $48, French Bulldog Puppy $48, Miniature Grey Squirrel $28, all from Mount Royal Mint.


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Allie Lehman
5 years 5 months ago

Those are adorable. I always want to buy Kellyn little animals on Etsy.