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Guide to Boston

Today I have a GUIDE TO BOSTON on Bridget’s blog! I’m delighted have this opportunity. Bridget has approximately 3000 more readers than ED so it is an honor. Bridget’s an all natural mama who I hang out with regularly, and I always leave inspired.

It’s not a comprehensive guide, but it is a collection of the things I write, over and over again, in emails to friends and friends of friends and people I met once who heard I lived here. I will end up writing thirty comments at the bottom of other great things I love, but you just have to stop the buck somewhere with these things. ED needs its own guide to Boston, but until then this is it.




  • Bridget

    loved having you!! pretty sure you have impeccable taste thus your guide can’t be beat! I’ll be referencing it myself in the future…

  • Maggy

    Loved this! I used to live in Somerville, it was nice to be reminded of it. Also a bummer that a missed some of things on the list! You have a beautiful family, thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Al

    It was a fantastic post! I have been to Boston only once, but sometimes fantasize about moving there… My mom lived right in the city on Commonwealth Ave when she went to BU in the late 60s/early 70s, and always talks about walking her dog along the Charles and adoring the city life. Whenever I read about Boston I get chills and so excited…
    Thanks for sharing!

    • girlpolish

      it seems like the people who went to school in Boston have the best memories of the place. I was just thinking the other day how fun that would be to be at BU. And Common Ave–my favorite!

    • girlpolish

      I don’t know Abbie, I have a feeling you’ve probably heard of all of these. I’m usually learning about new things from you!

  • Allison

    Loved your guide to Boston over on Bridget’s blog! I am a long time follower of Bridget’s and am always excited to find other bloggers in the Boston area (I live up on the North Shore). I am a new follower!! 🙂 I love your writing style, can’t wait to read more.

    • girlpolish

      hi! I love the north shore–I’m up there as much as possible! It’s my dream second home. : ) Thanks for coming and I’ll be visiting soon!

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