fudge brownie + espresso swirl

My friend and I tried the sandwiches from Frozen Hoagies, a food truck parked by Copley Square farmer’s market. I thought their truck might be the cutest one I’ve seen–it looked like an old dry cleaner delivery truck, with pink trim.

this photo mostly featuring Birgit’s cute flats…

The cookies were the best part, we picked fudge brownie. Next time I might ask for half the ice cream. It quickly turned into an emergency situation to keep up with it. (exactly what happened when we had ice cream sandwiches in NYC.) Ideally I’m a leisure ice cream eater, with many contemplative pauses. If Lux hadn’t been seagulling bits of my cookie every minute or so, it might have been calmer.

Whenever I have a chance to food truck hunt, I use the free app Street Food Boston. I love that it lets you click straight through to the food truck’s twitter handle, just so you can double check where they are that day. It’s tough keeping up with these guys without it.


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