watched: Beginners

We finally watched Beginners this week. I got it out of the library after Birgit mentioned it was must see. I relished watching it. You can really sense it was written and directed by the same person. Some of the lines would be so cheesy or typical, but instead come across just perfectly fresh. The female lead, Mélanie Laurent was so charming and her hair was the. awesomest.

I hope we can go see Perks of Being a Wallflower when it comes out next month, though I imagine I’ll be just as sad afterwards as I was when I read the book. Love any movies lately?

4 thoughts on “watched: Beginners

    • I did not like it! I thought I would, but the writing was pretty awful. I think Seth Rogan influenced that role into something he could turn serious-heroic, just to prove he could handle that.

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