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Meet the Neighbors

Babies can make late afternoons a little sludgy. So can jobs where you’ve been assigned a computer from the mid ’90s. That might be worse, actually. So reserve your pity for those folks.

anyway, in the sludgy hours between 4-7pm I like to contemplate my new year’s resolutions for 2012. One that I keep thinking about is MEETING MY NEIGHBORS. A nice couple just moved into the apartment next door. From our few brush-bys, when they smile eagerly at me and gesture mildly to Lux, I’m pretty sure they are super nice. Have I introduced myself? no. Have I mentioned that I hope they are settling in ok? no. IS THERE SOMETHING IN THE BOSTON WATER THAT KILLED OFF MY NURTURING MIDWESTERN ROOTS?  if so, that would explain the hollow echo when I hunt for my empathy.

As an entry point to the intimidating resolution that I have chosen, I have decided we will fill out these door knockers designed by one of my A-list heros: Candy Chang.

You know how text messages are the total shy cop-out to actually calling someone? Well this is the shy cop-out to actually introducing myself. But A-list hero ms.Chang designed them so cheerfully that I just know they will pave the way to a future of sharing mouse-trapping tips, cups of sugar, keys to roof decks, and other perks of city friends.

Candy designed these for Good Magazine, but she made the pdfs available for free on her website.

Anyone else already making lists?


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