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Lundi Marti Lenti

What comes after Valentine’s Day but before Marti Gras? Lundi Gras! (at least this year it does) So today I have the double benefit of the day off and the time to make something delicious for our church‘s Lundi Gras Potluck tonight. I think I’m going to make the black gold brownies that Luisa just posted about over at the Wednesday Chef (I make almost anything Luisa recommends, really it’s sort of pathetic.) and some homemade bread. Joe gave me My Life in France by Julia Child for VDay, which my friend and fellow Bostonian Birgit has said she loved, so if I have time I’ll be curled up with that.

Lundi Gras means Lent is coming, and speaking of books, I’m giving some serious thought to a new discipline/change for the season of Lent.

  • No more facebook?
  • Less time on the internet?
  • More time reading?
  • Write a letter a day?
  • Give a dollar to everyone who asks?

So..are you guys thinking of anything? I know Lenten disciplines can be a little suspicious, a little too like New Year’s Resolutions, but no matter what I chose to do, I always struggle with remembering to do it everyday, which reminds me of how genuinely hard it is to be disciplined, which reminds me of why it would be hopeless if I had to make my own way into heaven, which reminds me of why I’m so glad the whole idea is all building towards Christ dying and letting us in anyway. Probably more thoughts on this later, but keep me in mind if you see any good meditations on Lent out on the inter-world.

(this print is by the woah-talented Jane Mount, some of her prints are sold on 20×200, wouldn’t a personalized one of these make the best gift for new babies? “Great Aspirations!” the card could say.)


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