Boston,  Joe & Rachael Projects

a basil grows in beacon hill

Sometimes living in the city can feel like an impossible task.

your car gets towed if you forget to move it on the right day, which is never the day you thought it was.

you’re certain your neighbors see you making oatmeal in your underwear, a lot. Probably more than they’d prefer.

the guys from the restaurant out back gather to smoke pot together and murmor below your window, every single afternoon.

the mice were told the kitchen was available for cohabitation, and signed a lease.

But of course there are reasons we stay. And on top of those, when you overcome a limitation–like, say, no green space to plant in–and contrive a little spot for some hardy basil to give it a go, it really feels like a victory.

I hope these little plants know what they’re in for.



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