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Atlas Obscura

I like what Atlas Obscura is pulling out of the woodwork for their Atlas Obscura Day (NB: the Boston component is already sold out, capacity was 15 people). Eccentric museums, little known city-artifacts, and private collections should always be organizing exposure like this (Harvard & Oxford, we’re judging You right now). Those exposed might turn into donors some day, right?

Atlas Obscura is a nicely designed, user-written site that brings strange and unexpected tourist attractions across the world to light.I think it’s successfully done, and my Midwest friends should submit their own Abandoned Railways and Crop Circles to make sure they are well represented. Around Boston, I often feel a little weird about bringing out-of-towners to my favorite parts of the city (“So, this is that intersection that I like”), like the Round House of Somerville, and the Mount Auburn cemetery. This guide helps justify my feelings behind what is really nice to see when you’re in town. It’s yelp for the uncynical. It’s wikipedia for those who are actually showing up.

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