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What do you do with your goodreads account? I like it best used as a clickable and searchable record of what I’ve read. I hate forgetting if I’ve read a book. What could possibly be the use of reading a book when I can’t remember, two years later, if I’ve read it? Yikes! There’s also an incentive to write something true about what you thought of the book, for your friends to read. (I don’t have very many friends on goodreads. Friend me here if you are an active participant.) It is a good feeling when you finish a book and you loved every minute of it, and you want to tell everyone, but the only person in the room is Joe, and you already told him three times, and you can rush on to goodreads and write up a sensible review and tell yourself that everyone is reading it as soon as you’ve sent it off. This, I think to myself, is the life of a book reviewer. Ah yes


  • susie

    oh. my. word.
    how did i totally miss that you have a blog??
    i was just thinking to myself…rachael always puts great links up on facebook…too bad she doesn’t have a blog. must have a blind spot. i’m so thrilled that i’ve (finally) discovered this!! i love the way that you write and the ideas your share! can’t wait to read this! (ok, that’s quite enough exclamation marks). just so excited.

    love you very much. let’s write on real paper soon.


    • Rachael

      Hi Suz! It’s just coming together, so you really haven’t missed much. I’m just trying to get a little consistency down. Of course, I’m a regular reader of your’s!
      Just sent a snail-mail letter out to someone the other day; we should definitely do that.

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