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why am I not spending every spare moment learning to make art like this? by Maricor/Maricar

those are Paul Simon lyrics. He has a new album you can stream for free. Some songs sound like Graceland, and are so fun and cheerful, and a few are a little blue and too slow for 50+ degree weather.

download: a color splotched desktop

a recipe: bourbon and butterscotch pie, with graham cracker crust

an easy combo: just an avocado, with shallot red wine vinagarette (I can’t seem to eat enough of those guys these days)

photo: I love it when the Sartorialist posts pictures of his girlfriend (& he’s coming to Boston!)


  • manfmnantucket

    Hi Rachel!

    Um, I believe it’s “diamonds on the soles of their SHOES” .. see otherwise it would hurt, quite a bit!

    Are you and Joe going to run the store again this summer?? I hope so!

    Mark from Madaket

    • Rachael

      hmm, maybe artistic license in that feet is a little prettier letters than “shoes.” I don’t think we are going to, but what exactly is going to happen is uncertain right now. You’ll be sure to hear about it as soon as we know!

  • kate so

    You aren’t kidding…beautiful artwork.

    You’ve GOT to try the naan. We cook it up on cast iron with a little butter and it turns out great!

    Love your blog layout. Are you super techie, or do you use a special theme?

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