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This is a very good idea. What’s the most difficult part about moving (aside from the dreaded visit to U-Haul, what is the deal with that place)? Savvily picking a new neighborhood that will be just what you want for your new home. Craigslist, where “steps away” usually means a ten minute walk, obviously can’t be trusted on this count. No thank you.

NabWise has launched a well designed, user-content-contributed site for reviewing and rating neighborhoods. Right now, it is only in New York, San¬†Francisco, Boston, Seattle, Chicago and Austin. I’ve been clicking around the Boston page and finding neighborhoods I’d never even heard of that sound great. Random people’s opinions can only take a site so far, and the reason I really like NabeWise is because of their handy integration of maps and graphics. Mapping the boundaries of a neighborhood alone, particularly when you’re clicking around Craigslist, is super helpful for newcomers to a city.

Here’s my review of Beacon Hill. I’d love to read your thoughts if you review a neighborhood as well!

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