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Even though Joe and I spend a lot of time puzzling over/tweaking/rewriting our budget, and we try to buy decisively (I always think of that word in capital letters, DECISIVELY), of course I’m still shocked at the end of the month at how it all added up. And the absolute worst thing is when I can’t even remember what I bought in the first place.
I think that might explain why I find Kate’s Obsessive Consumption drawings one part cute, one part edifying and one part genius (does three parts make a whole? Or do we need one more?). Kate posts sketches of whatever she bought that day–milk, pens, new t-shirt–making light of the fact that she seems to buy something new every single day, but also acknowledging that a small part of her  put energy into finding exactly what she needed, and that shouldn’t go forgotten or ignored.
Plain old unabashed materialism is always boring, but you can find out a lot about a person by hearing about what they spend their money on. It’s always fun to hear people talk about their favorite possessions, or something new they just bought, especially if they are the type that agonizes the details and makes mental charts of the positives and negatives for each new purchase.

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