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(A style guest post from Joanie. All links are affiliate where applicable.) I’ve been traveling a lot lately and I almost exclusively travel carry-on only unless it’s an 8+ day trip. Packing in a carry-on, especially when traveling to cold places, like my recent trip to New York, forces you to make cut throat decisions about what’s coming with you. You can pack one jacket and two pants and a couple of sweaters and you’ll still be sitting on your suitcase begging the zipper not to break. Packing and unpacking frequently has me visiting my closet often. Going through hangers pulling out pieces that might work for that dinner event I have and maybe also for walking around the city during the day? Only pieces that can pull double and triple duty are allowed on the trip.

The thing about taking a carry-on is realizing that you can invent many outfits with a few good pieces and also, at least for me, realizing I/we are way over stocked in the closet department. That my wardrobe would probably feel more exciting with less in it. Which makes me start to ponder what would be in my perfect closet? The 10-12 pieces that would be foundational. It’s fun to think about because if those pieces really work they’ll do a lot of the heavy lifting and give you a great base to get dressed from every day. But, those pieces have to really work. We’re talking about only keeping things that really hit the mark. A lot of dissatisfaction with my or your wardrobe comes from sorting through lots of things that sort of work but don’t really and so they leave you in that spot of “UGH, I hate all of this.”

So let’s be cutthroat and think about if we were building a wardrobe with only 25 pieces in it what would be your 10 biggest players? This of course changes all the time. We dress differently depending on our life circumstances – where we work, what phase of raising children we’re in, how we feel about our bodies, the weather, etc. So make your list for this phase of your life, this moment, what you’d love to wear right now.

I’m using my pieces wisely and starting with a crossbody bag. Of all the bags I own a crossbody is 100% my most used. It has to be on the small side so I can dress it up or down and I think I want it in a color to freshen things up. I current everyday bag is yellow and it goes with everything. Love the color on this bag.

Denim plays a big role in my wardrobe. If I have to stick with one piece it’s going to be a dark wash, straight leg jean that I’ll have altered to hit right above the ankle bone. It’s the perfect length to wear with socks and boots or with flats or heels. My current favorite is Agolde Riley High Rise.

T-shirt is the next big ticket item. To be worn on their own or layered under jackets and sweaters. I’m a lacausa girl through and through when it comes to tees. Their t-shirts are perfection, all of them.

I know I’ve mentioned my love for blazers several times but they really are heavy hitters. I’m partial to Vince when it comes to them. Most of their stuff is cut every so slightly oversized and it makes for a great fit. I have this one and love it (true to size). If you haven’t joined the blazer club, I think now is the time! Also, into the cut on this one button option.

Shoes is going to have to be two pairs, one heeled boot and a flat. For the flat, I’m either going with these Gucci lookalikes or these Freda Salvador sandals. And for the boot, Everlane stopped carrying my favorite boot of all time but I do love this Rag & Bone option. That color goes everything including all the neutrals.

You know my love for H&M knits runs deep so I’m headed their for sweaters and having a hard time picking between this cardigan, this chic black turtleneck and this half-zip.

If I could only wear one pair of sunglasses until the end of time it would be Persol. They are by far the best sunglasses I’ve ever owned. They are an investment but if you wear them everyday, 100% worth it. Get polarized lens, it makes a big difference!

And finally, a great coat or jacket. I’ve talked about this many times but we leave outterwear out of the conversation far too often. It is virtually what you wear all winter long. People often don’t see what’s going on underneath your coat so make it count. Buy a colorful coat and wear it out on a February day, people will smile at you, I promise. This one is so 60’s chic and I love it. If you wear a leopard coat out into the world, you will make friends. And I’m willing to wager that we’re about to see a lot of varsity jackets popping up this year (and I’m not mad about it!).

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