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Happy New Year! How are we all feeling out there in the world? I generally find that I feel a bit down in January, the weather is darker, the holidays are over and I’m looking for that elusive new year surge of energy that never seems to hit. So if that’s you, let it be, because it does pass and fighting it doesn’t usually work. (This is a guest post by my sister Joanie.)

At the end of the last year my job of almost 10 (!!) years ended.  I thought that I might feel sad or anxious about ending something that has been such a part of my identity for the last decade, and I do feel bits of that but mostly I feel excited. I feel a lightness  and a new energy for my occupational future. I’ve spent my entire career working very closely with women who have founded their own businesses. The experience has been truly invaluable and shaped my life in more ways than I can count but it was also a crutch for me to focus outside of myself. It feels really nice to be on my own and I’m excited for what’s ahead. 

Anyways, let’s talk clothes! I think January is a good time to take stock of your wardrobe, to donate/sell what’s not working, store away some of the summer clothes you might not be using, make sure your hangers are all facing the same direction and stack and fold your jeans. It can be fun to scan through your phone and look at pictures of yourself last year. Do any outfits stand out to you that you loved? Any looks that really felt like you? In my experience, we can be really hard on ourselves when a photo is first taken and then you’ll look back on it in a few months or a year and think, “wow, I look amazing!”. 

I’ve been really enjoying the coat and boot days of my California winter. Los Angeles in the winter is actually style heaven. It never gets cold enough to truly need heavy winter gear but you can wear those light cold weather looks daily. I’ve been wearing this cashmere sweater that I love multiple times a week. I also love it in the gray color.  It was a Christmas gift and is on super sale right now.  Did you get anything you loved for Christmas? I got several things I’m excited about, one of them being the Dyson Airwrap! If you know me, this is pretty big deal considering the fact that I haven’t blow dried my hair in at least ten years. The price tag is pretty nuts but I have to say it has been living up to its reputation. It dries my hair so insanely fast and it honestly looks like I got a blow out every single time. 

I generally like to start the year out by not really buying anything for the first couple months. The post-holiday spending burn out is real and I feel like I can’t think clearly. But, I’ve succumbed to a couple of sale purchases. First, the Everlane sale is really good. This one that I’ve linked to before and loved is on sale. Please hand wash and lay it flat to try! It will shrink. 

Second, I ordered this blazer. It was honestly sort of an impulse purchase but I saw it and fell in love. I’ve been on a big blazer kick. I got this one for my birthday and have been wearing it non-stop. You can throw it on with basically any pants + t-shirt combo and instantly look polished. For blazers, sizing is really going to depend on your shoulders. Your shoulders are really what’s holding the blazer and giving it shape on your body. Since my shoulders are on the broader side I almost always order up. 





king & tuckfield






My commitment this year remains the same, to buy fewer, better pieces, and to prioritize buying second-hand. I think making a list of things you feel like your closet is missing is a good way to make focused purchases throughout the year. My list would include a great black belt (I love Anderson’s and have this classic black one on my wishlist), a great pair of loafers which unfortunately for me happens to be very expensive pair, and some interesting blouses/tops like this one. I think we’re going to see a return to the cardigan worn as a top this year. The lightweight ones that people wear mostly buttoned. It’s very 90’s and I happen to love the look so I’m excited. This Madewell one is a good example of the look.

I recently re-watched Under the Tuscan Sun which is far from a classic film but I absolutely adore Diane Lane’s style in it. It’s really fun and inspiring to pull up a film where you love one of the character’s style. You can watch and ask yourself why you’re drawn to certain things. The length of the dress paired with those boots, the oversized blouse that’s half tucked into men’s pants, the 40’s inspired dress fitted with a belt at the waist. You might have something in your closet that you re-think when you see a version of it styled in a different way than you normally wear it. Or, it might open your eyes to something you’ve never worn but want to try.  There is so much that goes into creating a character’s style in movies and it’s fun to watch that aspect closely and see how it tells its own story. 

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