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This summer is the first summer our homeschool group made a plan to meetup almost weekly for swimming, hiking, or berry picking. It’s been such a treat to see them, I’m so glad we made that intentional plan together. When it’s not raining, the girls and I are loving swimming in lakes, ponds, and pools. I make it out to the garden every once in awhile and pick my way among the weeds to check on everything. So many of the flowers are blooming for a bit, then dropping, with new ones quick to open. The pearls of green tomatoes are so promising.

Doing old-normal things like going to outdoor farmer’s markets with the kids, having the neighbors over for drinks, and buying candy at the public pool feel SO special. I am just soaking it all up.

A podcast, a recipe, a book, a newsletter I’ve loved lately…

+This old interview with Esther Perel on the goop podcast. Esther is a famous sex therapist, you see her everywhere, speaking wisdom with her warm Belgian accent. But this particular talk was full of great thoughts about monogamy, relationships over time, and refreshing your perspective by allowing yourself to desire.

+Books. I’m reading so many good books this summer. I absolutely loved Elaine Ferrante’s newer one, The Lying Life of Adults. She’s always incredible on the adolescent perspective, but this one felt modern and irreverent and sexy as well. The perfect summer book. My sister-in-law Hannah let me read some of her copy of Always Home by Fannie Singer, written from a daughter about her famous mother, Alice Waters. I’m looking forward to paging through for notes about her kitchen. I know Alice has a kitchen hearth—a kitchen fire that’s about waist-height—because I’ve seen it in videos. I love that idea and want to know more. But in my brief page-through I was immediately taken by thoughtfully and joyfully Fanny writes about her childhood. If you’re in the mood for an audiobook, I loved listening to Gabrielle Hamilton read her Blood, Bones, and Butter

+ I’ve recommended Younga’s instagram account, kidbookrecs, but now I must recommend to you her substack email Making it Work. She writes about some quirk of parenting and childhood every week or so, and dashes in a few recommendations at the end. It’s the perfect newsletter. I’ll share her opening paragraph from the story of her trip into New York with her daughter Ada…

  • “A few Fridays ago I took Ada to NYC for a day, a self-serving idea born out of my desire to see the Julie Mehretu show at the Whitney masquerading as quality solo time with my elder child. I revealed the idea to her the day before, that we’d be skipping school, waking up early to catch an Amtrak train, then going on an “adventure day” before sleeping over at her aunt and uncle’s apartment in Park Slope. It’s the thing I always wanted my parents to propose to me—joy-slash-adventure prioritized over education—which now seems preposterous to expect as a child of immigrants growing up in the 80s. I remember the envy of having friends whose parents let them take “mental health” days, and others whose parents pulled them out of class 48-hours before February break to depart for their trips to Disney World. I remember once proposing the idea of a mental health day to my mom, and was met with a truly blank stare of confusion, before being shuttled out the door to the bus.” [read it all here!]

+ Lux has a new book series she is obsessed with, Keeper of the Lost Cities. I wasn’t sure if there were any left for her to discover and fall in love with, so this is a treat. We found it sitting innocently on a bookstore shelf in Michigan. We bought the first book, she’s on her fifth re-read of it. She says it’s right up there with The Wizard of Oz series, Harry Potter, and Land of Stories.

+ And Joan has lately fallen for the audiobooks of How to Train Your Dragon. Few things as soothing in this life as a busy afternoon in the sun, followed by an audiobook and a snack, in the dim of the house.

+ This one-pan recipe for pasta tossed with ricotta, corn, basil, and brie. The kids loved it! It comes together very quickly, and I’m looking forward to subbing in zucchini for the corn. Our kids eat ricotta on toast with olive oil, so we always have it kicking around in the fridge.

Well, that’s all for now. Anything you’re loving? Hope your summer is feeling sweaty, hydrated, and relaxing (or maybe just one of those?). A few things I’m in the market for, if you have any recommendations…a/ waffle iron b/ a one piece bathing suit c/ a ceramic stovetop pan.



  • Audrey

    For your one piece swimsuit search; I highly recommend a suit from YouSwim! Amazing colors, amazing fit, and incredibly long lasting.

  • britt

    hi there! thank you for your beautiful spot on the web. i sneek away from the house chaos with anticipation of a great read each time i see a new post.

    check out andie one piece swimwear!

      • Anne Elyse Ogilvie

        I second Andie. I just got a one piece (the malibu) and I am so excited about it. It has a full back which I love because I can’t get sunscreen on my back for the life of me and my kids are of no help. Anyhow – a great fit that I feel like looks good while also being extremely practical.
        I love love love follwing you and getting your insights! Thanks for sharing!

  • Hollie

    I was skeptical as I’m in my mid 30s but went with an Aerie one peice swimsuit after a recommendation and have been really happy with it!

  • Elizabeth Hope Whalen

    So glad to have your post this week to jazz up my reading and the kids reading as the summer rolls along. Always appreciate the window into your world…

  • Sarah D

    Always love reading your blog.
    I love this waffle maker. One square for each kid, at least with the first batch! I love that it makes 4 at a time. Mine does not have the removable plates but I don’t miss them. The non stick is so easy to just wipe out. It’s heavy duty and makes amazing waffles.
    Swimsuits my go-to is always Lands End. their petite, tall, and plus selections are wonderful. Athleta makes good suits, too.

  • Una

    I always love reading your posts. I am a midwife and last night during a very (surprise!) empty hospital shift, I reread your sling diaries and birth story of Joan. Just magical. I have no good recommendations for waffle irons (my husband and I inherited his grandparents’!) But I did just buy an amazing one piece bathing suit from Albion. The price made me whimper a little bit, but the quality, cut, color and fit are a dream! Highly recommend.

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