The Discovery Museum

New museums feel like Disney World these days. Better even. Joe and I can be pretty lazy when it comes to weekends in Boston, but fortunately our friends up the street invited us out early Saturday morning to see a place outside the city, The Discovery Museum.

There was something extra appealing about this one, founded in the ’80s and settled into an old Victorian house. Back when painting on the wall and building tiny tree forts meant great things would happen. They knew the power of a room full of stuffed animals, a Rube Goldberg-esque design to learn about gravity, or a wall of switches to flip and buttons to push.


I always leave public spaces for kids contemplating things we could change about our space for Lux. Introducing new textiles, or a space to drop things through tubes and, gasp, they reappear, or maybe just a spinning wheel secured to the wall. A lever here, and light switch at their level.

Though hidden under the snow now, the grounds seemed lovely as well. I think with a picnic packed you could draw out your visit here during the summer in a wonderful way.