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1. Moon postcard from our hotel in Marfa, TX.

2. 1pm nap is still so important for this two year old.

3. My friend Johanna gave me some lovely washi tapes. It’s such a fun supply.

4. After I took this photo I noticed the clever thumbprint placement of FRANCE.

5. Portrait of a coldbrew popsicle at naptime.

6. Giant silver UX balloons brought home after a Wistia party, to the girls’ daylong delight.

7. Whole Foods dough with plenty of food-processor-shredded mozzarella.

8. Sorted supplies.

9. Dress-up bin, in a new spot, getting lots of attention.

10. Pastels are a special treat reserved for supervised time. Love their bright blending possibility.


  • Jessica Clare

    I love it all, as usual! I absolutely love pastels, how awesome for your girls that they get to experience them! Side question… Being the cool, thoughtful mom you are…. I’m putting together a “new mom’s survival kit” for my future sister in law…I’ve asked a few of my mom friends, but immediately thought to ask you as well! Any suggestions for items you’d have loved to have had during those first few weeks? Either essential or indulgent! I’ll link you to my Pinterest board I created for it, but no need to even look at that if you don’t want to…any ideas are welcome! Thanks Rachael…hope you’re enjoying the last gasps of Summer. xo

  • emily j

    rachael, i love to read your blog because it’s beautiful, relateable, and informative. you posted some links to homeschooling blogs recently, and i know you were homeschooled. your home looks so well-organized for play and learning. would you consider a special post about how you approach these things in your family? i’d love to know about your daily and weekly rhythms and how you organize and present toys and materials (loooove the pegboard in this post, going to steal it!).

      • emily j

        yes, thank you, it did answer some of it. i’m curious too if you follow a sort of waldorfy thing or…i guess i’d just be really interested to hear about your own approach to life with/homeschooling (not sure that’s exactly the right term when they’re so young? mine are 1 and 3) very young children. you have an interesting point of view, as someone who was homeschooled and who seems to have a very organized and intentional approach to having your own young kids at home. perhaps you’ve written about these things in a post i missed? so yes, i’d love to read a post about a fall rhythm! i’ll look forward to it! and congratulations on the forthcoming little miss!

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