Television for the downer

Frankly I’m a little annoyed with the depressing turn Downton Abbey has taken. And GIRLS. Even the new Community is sort of ick. Cheer up, drama writers! Take a nice sunny Mexico vacation and get back to us. I use television watching as a retreat, a thirty minute lapse into relaxation after a long day. It’s not good when that thirty minutes ends with me feeling more depleted than ever.searching_for_sugar_man

Soo I was delighted to finally watch something a little optimistic, something that said: let’s believe in the fantastical. About someone who could think of people outside himself. A true story and a real one, and a breathtaking one. We rented the documentary¬†Searching for Sugar Man over the weekend and it was all of those things. Rent it (it’s $4 on iTunes). You’ll love it.

Have you watched anything cheerful and spirited lately? I’d love some ideas.


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