I often think of this as a place to write, but sometimes I want it to be a normal blog with lots of photos too.

If you ran into me on the street, you would notice that I look suspiciously pregnant. You would probably feel awkward because I would forget to bring it up and force you to. My brain can’t quite catch up to the fact that at 15 weeks with Lux I was still letting people in on the secret, and at 15 weeks with bébé de deux I’m practically in maternity t-shirts.


Since I don’t believe in due dates anymore, I’ll tell you that the baby is due in July, shortly after Lux turns 2. I think this is the perfect time to have a baby, and not just because I already had a baby on this exact same schedule (read: same seasonal clothes!). I think it will give Lux just enough time to grow up a bit and understand what’s going on, maybe even to be excited. Don’t let that statement lead you to believe I was some how in control of the timing of when I got pregnant, because I was not, and it was a good learning experience to realize that.

To answer your first question, we will be finding out whether it’s boy or a girl because we loved doing that the first time. The baby will probably be born across the street again, at Mass General. To answer my first question, we may or may not be moving out of our one bedroom apartment.


Our announcement for Lux, way back when.

ps: My friend pointed out that it’s just too coincidental that Lux and I are pregnant at the same time! Of course, that’s why I had to have her in this photo session with me.

my sweatshirt is from my cousin Caitlin’s partner’s Detroit clothing brand. I love it, thanks to Joanie for letting me take it after I begged it off her.



43 thoughts on “2x

  1. Do you remember when we first met? It was May and you were pregnant with Lux. And your hair was so much shorter than it is now! I will never forget that afternoon. I was so happy to be meeting some Blogger friends (and for the very first time!)

    Also, you know how I feel about the whole two kids in a one-bedroom situation. (Although, I would love having you as a neighbor.)

    • Totally, I totally remember that. It was transformative because everyone was SO nice.

      No guarantees that I won’t end up chopping my hair again….though I do like this length. We’re still liking the Hill options, but maybe just another year till we’re neighbors! : )

    • Yes, I definitely remember that! It was a deal changer because everyone was so NICE. I may still end up going that short again (though I doubt it), I always get tempted when my body gets really strangely pregnant.

      We’re still looking at places on the Hill for this round, but it could be just another few years until we’re neighbors. : )

    • haha I *thought* this didn’t sound wholehearted–sorry it’s coming in an onslaught of announcements! (maybe I should be reading the blogs you’re reading) Truthfully if I’d experienced colic (or even heard it, once) I think I’d be taking things waaay slower.

  2. Rachael – absolutely hilarious. This is clearly the kind of photo set you want to save to keep Lux humble when sometime later in life she might not be. In other words – great blackmail material.

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